Are you used to being treated the same by all companies? Here at Strasse Cocinas we do things DIFFERENTLY.

 And we do them differently for several reasons. We are aware of the weak points in our sector. Our experience and our concern for our clients means we know they feel very strongly about these issues. And what do we do? We give a clear, precise solution by working in a way that makes us stand out in this world.

 At Strasse we are:




 And not only that, we also give you:


 That’s why we don’t mind if you contract your refurbishment or new kitchen from us, what matters to us is that you trust Strasse enough to say “WHATEVER IT TAKES”. Because we’re sure of being the best advisors for these projects, and because we know that we can come up with a solution to anything you raise with us, including the PRICE!

 No two people are the same. That’s why each and every one of our kitchens is unique.

 Strasse Cocinas.


Kitchens are rooms where the highest standards must be met. This is why all Strasse Cocinas products carry a 5-year guarantee.

Before forming part of your life, they undergo strict control processes, from the choice of materials (approved and state-of-the-art, laboratory tested) and furniture manufacture, through to final delivery.


As a company, we believe that we have the duty and the ability to actively protect our natural world. At Strasse Cocinas we only use wood from sustainably managed forests, where for every tree felled a new one is planted in its place.

This is why our kitchens bear the PEFC Quality Seal (awarded by the world’s leading forest certification organisation), proving our responsibility and that of our clients.

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